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My Craft Projects

I enjoy casual crafting and occasionaly throw myself into big projects. Here are a few of my favorites:
Quilt for Baby David

My dear friend gave birth to a beautiful baby boy and I wanted to mark the occasion with a handmade keepsake that celebrated his Alaska heritage. I modeled my project on the the recently-issued Alaska state quarter and embellished it with tactile elements to stimulate his experience with it.

Alaska state quarter

Design blown up 400%

Basic images in design

Individual piece cut-outs for patterning

Face pattern and fabric samples for bear

Fabric sample for fish

Bear pieces on fusible web and cut

Stitching the edges of the ironed-on design

The basic pieces together

Gold stitching on the fish

Determining placement and patterning of raised "sea foam" areas

Stitched sea foam and "David" lettering

Fully-pinned binding (after "sandwiching" with batting and backing)

Side view of pinned binding (as to understand how it will "bunch" when sewn)

Finished product, ready for baby wear-n-tear!

Living Room at Christmas

High on the success of a group effort to create a king-size applique quilt in honor of a kindergarten class, I fashioned the following wall-hanging as a gift for my parents. It depicts their living room at Christmas, complete with a favorite chair, Sydney Lawrence painting, Norwegian flags criss-crossing the tree, and three-dimensional sheer curtains.

Commissioned Scrapbooking

I had the delightful opportunity to assemble two incredible photo albums for the sons of my friend, scrapbooks which chronicled a few of the highlights of the first 18 years of each of their lives. In total, I created two massive 18-year memory albums from five 14-gallon tubs of photos and memorabilia. In the four weeks I spent on this challenge I watched mere babes bloom into young men, aided and surrounded by love and opportunities.

3 of the 5 tubs of photos and memorabilia

Sort & Pile 13-gimp

One pile for each of 18 years for each boy

The best choices of images and memorabilia for an individual start piling onto the table

The life events start to take shape

A rough-draft of choice moments and photos in two-page layouts

Assembly space

All the items were organized to this point, so I just had to make them fit on the pages and into a book!

Each page included photos, memorabilia, subtle color accents, leaving plenty of room for the parents to write captions and stories

And items that told the stories themselves were allowed to do just that!

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