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Albert Cuyp Market and stroopwafels

Updated: Oct 20, 2018

The Albert Cuyp Market stretches several blocks

We went to the local market after classes today. It's open 6 days a week (closed Sundays) and has anything you could want. Except the herring. I didn't see a herring stand.

Anyway, everything: flowers, produce, crafts, clothing, gifts, food, and more. Need a fingernail clipper? Arch support? Yards of fabric? It covers all conceivable needs.

Here's where I indulged:

Stroopwafel vendor at Albert Cuyp

Holland is famous for stroopwafels: batter is thin-pressed in a waffle iron, sliced horizontally, spread with hot caramel, and then handed to you in a paper sleeve. The bees swarmed the booth in, well, swarms. The proprietor was unfazed by the insects and merely waved them away from the top of the caramel pot for the brief moment it took him to scoop up some of the sweet.

My stroopwafel was delicious. It was thin enough to not overwhelm, but decadent enough to want to write about. It was just warm enough that the caramel moved, but not so hot that the innards dripped out. I can see why all such similar stalls had lines!


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