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Arrival in Amsterdam

Updated: Oct 18, 2018

I arrived at Schiphol Airport shortly after lunchtime. I'm feeling pretty good for a 10-hour flight (direct from Seattle), but I know from experience that the jetlag will knock me over when I least expect it. I arrived a day early so that I could overcome this by "sleeping it off" in a hotel before I had to meet up with the group. I also didn't know how disoriented I would feel so I booked an airport hotel.

The citizenM site made it seem like an easy choice: simple, modern room in a hotel connected to the Amsterdam airport. It was a little frustrating, however, as the airport signage was lacking and the hotel was at the opposite far end of border control and across a ground transportation loading zone.

Room 324 of the citizenM Schiphol Airport hotel

The bed of room 324 of the citizenM Schiphol Airport hotel

The room was pretty fantastic. The bed took up the entire end of the room and the automated shades gave me options from privacy to fishbowl, and ambient light to blackout. The iPad control was a little gimmicky, glitchy, and slow. The mood lighting was amusing but not very useful.

Room controls

I played with room controls and the TV features before falling asleep mid-afternoon. I woke up in time to have a decent dinner downstairs in the lobby restaurant and then retired for the night.


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