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DOK/OPEN: Library as a community space

Today was our long-awaited tour of DOK Delft, the newly redesigned library and community center.

Mark Borneman, DOK's vice principle, talked about their transformations from library, to 3-libraries-in-1, to the acclaimed children's literacy center they've become known for, to the collaborative space between children's services and the arts community that will officially open next month.

Mark explains the educational kits

Then Mark took us on a tour of spaces that accommodate and encourage creativity in visual and performing arts.

We even got to take home some "seconds" pottery!

The most exciting feature for me was to hear about the co-design and co-creation they did with Delft youth in reimagining the children's book collection. Instead of making kids use Dewey and search for books in the system, this kid-designed system encourages browsing and easily finding books in leisure time (on the assumption that school helps children find books they need for research or literacy development).

Books organized into categories designed by kids

I think this sounds like a great topic for our final innovations paper for this class!


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