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Free time: Texel beach time

A couple of people in our group were interested in biking around Texel (pronounced "tessell"), the southern Frisian Island accessible by ferry from Den Helder. I decided to join them on the spur of the moment.

Coffee and gevulde koek to enjoy en route

We caught the train to Den Helder and walked from the station to the port, stopping at a candy stall at the market on the way to stock up on varieties of licorice.

Sweets stall in Den Helder

From Den Helder we took a 20-minute Teso ferry to Texel, which was an experience in itself. To begin with, the ferry felt luxurious--there were a variety of places to sit indoors and out, with groups or on one's own, and the cafeteria was stocked with the requisite high-end coffee dispensary and a mouth-watering assortment of dessert items. All this for a 20-minute voyage!

Upon arrival on the island we saw sheep. Then we bused to Den Burg. There were lots of sheep along the way.

Sheep en route

We found a place for coffee and a snack in Den Burg. We poked around the town a little and then went in search of a bike rental shop but we found that bikes would be due back for the day in 90 minutes.

Inquiring about bike rentals

Instead we caught a bus further north to de Koog to see if they had rentals. Unfortunately, they also closed at 5 p.m. so we decided to head out to see the water.

It was a great choice. I had no idea the Dutch had such wonderful sandy beaches!

Beach at de Koog

We played in the sand for some time.

Leaving our temporary mark on the world

I enjoyed the sounds around me.

We eventually packed back up, found dinner in de Koog, and made our way back to Amsterdam.

Tomorrow we move on to Delft!


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