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Meermanno: Curio cabinets and Escher

Updated: Nov 2, 2018

We went to the Museum Meermanno | History of the Book after our visit to the royal library today. There we were shown around by Rickey Tax, a collection manager at the museum. He began by dipping into the vaults and emerged with a suitcase of goodies.

Just some rare and valuable texts and artifacts in an old suitcase...

He began by explaining the museum to us, much of which was locked in time as a gentleman's cabinet of curiosities from around the world.

Cabinets of curiosities

He showed us a number of lovely treasures, including some beautifully illuminated centuries-old books.

We also saw newer materials, such as the early drafts of a publication guest-authored by M.C. Escher.

Escher drafts

They also had a lovely Escher block of lizard tessellations. Having loved his work since 9th grade geometry, I drooled. I was sternly informed by the instructor, "Kari, if you steal a Dutch national treasure, you will fail the class." Drat.


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