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Route 594: Fast and productive

Updated: Nov 3, 2018

I'm catching a bus to Seattle for the afternoon. I own a quarterly pass so the expense of it diminishes with each use. I like exercising the reach it gives me: buses, trains, light rail and ferries to multiple cities and counties. If I plan in some freeway riding it can be smooth enough to get some studying done, making me productive as well as a traveler.

Today is one such excursion. As I speed past mileposts on I-5 I am analyzing strategic plans and roughing out my written response. The verbiage is dull and makes for slow reading in contrast to the 58 mph upon which it was written.

I categorize the trip destination akin the running an errand: in 40 minutes I'll hop off, enjoy a couple of hours at GeekGirlCon, and then catch a bus back. Easy-peasy. Funny how transit culture (or there lack of) in Tacoma makes it seem like I've committed to a long-haul investment of time and energy. In the Netherlands we could hop a train to Den Haag from Delft to grab a coffee with a buddy and return back for lunch. It was a small errand. By mentioning my early-afternoon jaunt to a friend, she's written me off as a possibility for dinner and drinks tonight.

But I'll be home in time for dinner. What a surprise it will be when the county-crossing expeditionist arrives in time for appetizers tonight.

Mapped route of travels on October 27
Google Maps "Your timeline"


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