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Street Art

We went to the Street Art Museum today. They leaded guided tours through the Nieuw-West neighborhood and talk about the significance of not only the works and their creators, but the value of street art to a community as a whole.

Their manifesto:

  1. Eco-museum where art and stories come together

  2. Give street art a function as a tool to connect people within the community

  3. Be the first open source and shared impact museum

  4. Create jobs for local youths as Street Curators

  5. Combine technology and art to work on future of the heritage

  6. Put spotlight on our neighbourhood of Amsterdam Nieuw-West

The "museum" is actually the neighborhood and the value the community places on the art placed there. Our curators' expertise was instrumental in our understanding of the pieces.

Artists are commissioned from all over the world to work here.

And art sometimes just appears.

And sometimes you don't have to think too hard about the art.

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