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The Bicycle Hotel

Updated: Oct 19, 2018

Room 2.2 of the Bicycle Hotel

I feel liked we won the room lottery! We only had to climb to the 2nd floor (which would be the 3rd back home).

Room 2.2 of the Bicycle Hotel

We have a balcony!

Room 2.2 of the Bicycle Hotel

We have our own bathroom with toilet and shower!

The latter amenity was completely unexpected because we were prepared to use shared facilities on each floor. Even with 3 of us using it, it is heavenly to think that we can have such privacy.

We're a little short on spaces to hang towels and clothes (and, well, move around), but we've adjusted things to maximize what we have. We brilliantly wedged the blue cabinets between the beds to give us some sleeping space (2 of the beds were pushed together previously), and moved lamps out of the way since the room is filled with natural light.

Room 2.2 of the Bicycle Hotel, rearranged to our advantage

I wish there were more outlets and that they would be near the floor, but I think we've found something that works nicely for us for our two-week stay.

I also won the lottery on roommates: RT and ZL seem lovely. This all bodes well :)


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