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The rhythm method

Updated: Oct 20, 2018

Today we went to the Centrum neighborhood to learn about rhythm analysis and design.

Pinar Sefkatli is an innovation developer with the City of Amsterdam, an architect, and a PhD researcher working with rhythm analysis for urban design. By examining all that is observable in a given space and across time segments, one can detect temporal rhythms, networks, and relations that can then be used to address social issues.

She has done work in Ethiopia and is currently working with a team to examine city issues in several Dutch municipalities who are interested in addressing their problems with her methodology.

This was an interactive workshop so we went outside to record our own observations. We were told to notice activities taking place, the physical elements and architecture, the width of the streets, and anything else we felt might create an impact on its surroundings.

Observation notes

We examined our experiences and research and talked about the history of the growth of the neighborhood. We look forward to learning more about this methodology when we visit Gemeente Amsterdam.


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