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Reading Aloud to Children at Project Homeless Connect

a project guide & reflection

Volunteer reads to child at Project Homeless Connect

Sound Outreach hosted Project Homeless Connect on October 25, 2017, in Tacoma, Washington, to provide services that address human basic needs.

Reading Aloud recruited reading volunteers to read to young children in the childcare area at the event, nurturing future readership and literacy.

Reading Aloud was organized by Kari Whitney, who was at the time pursuing a master's degree in librarianship through the University of Washington. She collected a multiculturally-rich assortment of picture and read-aloud books, recruited reading volunteers from among student groups and personal connections, and then supervised and read during the event. This activity satisfied a diversity outreach project assignment as well as her personal interest in supporting local individuals and families at-risk of food insecurity and homelessness.


Project Homeless Connect "provides a starting place on the journey back to safety, stability, health, and hope. Project Homeless Connect reduces the duration of homelessness by providing services that address the basic needs; basic medical and dental care, access to education, employment and benefits systems, chemical dependency assessments, flu shots, haircuts, and much more – all under one roof!"

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