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Senator Kari Whitney, 2015-2016
Chair, Technology Committee
Member, Resources Committee
Member, Elections Committee
Event Chair, Tacoma Rendezvous

As an elected senator for the WSU Global Campus, I helped distance-learning students find the tools they need to succeed academically, and to find meaningful ways to engage with their university outside of class. My Google Site is a record of my projects. I am particularly proud of my weekly updates that captured not only opportunities designed for Global Campus students, but other university activities that I personally confirmed were available to members of our campus.


I am also pleased to have been a part of the Resources Committee and its work on revisions to the Global Cougar Success Program, which helps students participate in a range of activities outside of class to help them enjoy the full benefits of Washington State University.


These opportunities are communicated not only within course spaces and campus newsletters, but also through ASWSUG social media. I am pleased to report that social media managed by the ASWSUG Technology Committee has seen increased engagement since I joined the Senate. Please visit ASWSUG on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

Student of the Week Megan S-G #your ASWSUG
Student of the Week Kelci R. #yourASWSUG - Copy

The Technology Committee created a Student of the Week program in which we posted a weekly student profile across ASWSUG social media. I created the associated images and text from student submissions.

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